Michel Camilo


Michel Camilo - What's Up?To be released worldwide on 11/16/17more

Michel Camilo - What's Up?Nominated for the Latin Grammy Award for Best Intrumental Album! more

Michel Camilo - What's Up?Camilo wins Latin GRAMMY for Best Latin Jazz Album! more


Live at the Blue Note


“Live at the Blue Note ranks as a testament to Michel Camilo's keyboard and compositional prowess.” ~ Nashville City Paper

“Live at the Blue Note offers more than enough to satisfy fans of el ritmo.” ~ JazzTimes

“Camilo is inventive and creative, starting with a basic melodic theme and then tossing in notes, riffs and, in some cases, whole recognizable passages from other jazz works to create tracks that never seem too long.” ~ GoMemphis.com

“On Live at the Blue Note, the listener gets a sense not only of the boundless energy of Camilo’s trio, but also of its electrifying effect on an audience.” ~ JazzReview.com

“The depth and clarity is simply a mirror image of the intelligence and imagination of the three players involved, who generate almost palpable electricity by their charged performances throughout.” ~ All About Jazz

“Camilo is at his most impressive on the ballads and midtempo numbers, on which his lines are delicate, almost lacy, but complex and powerful at the same time.” ~ All Music Guide

“But the result is a trio of super talents who spin like a perfectly balanced gyro propelled by the leadership and brilliance of Michel Camilo.” ~ Latin Beat Magazine

“Solo, a diverse blend of originals and standards, bears Camilo’s unmistakable stamp and is a welcome addition to his already impressive oeuvre.” ~ All About Jazz – NY

“Capturing these ‘live’ performances will definitely be something to cherish for all time. These sessions will be something that jazz history can hold to its highest acclaim.” ~ NewportJazz-NYC.com

“En vivo, no hay duda de que Michel se reinventa, que ataca, cede, acosa, hostiga, tolera, murmura, seduce y, con su magistral uso del teclado negro y blanco, colorea nuevos frescos en la órbita jazzera.” ~ VistaUSA Magazine

"It’s fun, yet intricate. The band plays with glee and inspiration. A delightful 2-disc set." ~ AllAboutJazz.com: R.J. DeLuke

“This album gives you two hours and a quarter with one of the most arresting jazz pianists playing today, plus his very receptive live audience and great rhythm section." ~ Audiophile Audition

“It’s fun, yet intricate. The band plays with glee and inspiration. A delightful 2-disc set.” ~ All About Jazz

"El resultado de aquella grabación es deslumbrante y promete ser uno de los álbumes de latin jazz más comentados de la temporada.” ~Noticias

“A top pick for 2003!” ~ JazzReview.com